About Us

When I was 12 years old, I received a pot of dirt for Christmas. At least, that is all it looked like to me. My Godmother always sent thought filled and creative gifts, so I watered it and waited. An Amaryllis flower emerged and I was awestruck! That was it, I was hooked on plants and spent the rest of my life learning about them and growing them. Soon, I knew every one of my neighbors who had a garden and was working at a large nursery which specialized in perennial plants. My backyard was a jungle of plants with a tiny path winding through.

Back in 2014, Ed started trying to persuade me to become a Catholic like him. I was skeptical to say the least. But, I humored him. I read about the things that troubled me about the Church. Mary, saints, the pope, I had so many questions. The local priest came over for dinner a couple times to talk about the faith. I have always believed in God, I have always trusted the Bible and as I learned more and more, I began to see a great beauty in the Catholic Church that I had been missing. If you find yourself offended when people mention prayer or God’s great love for us, I am sorry. This site might not be for you. Because I would not have survived the last few years without the ever present love of Jesus. I found myself in a desert of desolation, no hope, no future, with a past far out of reach, yet I knew Jesus was there. I could not feel anything good, I could not see a future for myself, but I knew Jesus was there. No matter what, I am not alone and I know that I am loved. My life has been so touched by the love and grace of God, that sometimes I cannot help but share it.

Over the last six months, a new future has begun to reveal itself. I love what I do, but I cannot sustain the nursery by myself. It is too small to hire employees and too big to do myself. Not that I really do it by myself. I have a wonderful family and fantastic friends who have all given me their time helping me keep the nursery alive. There is no question that I am definitely loved. This blog is an opportunity for me to communicate the great beauty of gardening, the joy of sharing food, and the love of family. You will meet many of my friends as the blog develops, I am already asking them to contribute recipes, crafts, and garden tips. I am looking forward to working with them because I have friends who are better gardeners than me, who are better cooks than me, and who can craft and create beauty out of almost anything better than me. They don’t share all of my views and opinions, please don’t assume that I speak for anyone but myself. But it is the fact that we each see the world with different sets of eyes that makes our perspectives so valuable. This is what makes creativity possible. So, I will share what I know and what I love, and we shall have fun visiting my friends and sharing what they know and love.

My dream is that this blog grows into a loving community of people who enjoy gardening, cooking, and creating. Let’s cultivate a garden of love and goodness together!